Suresh Babu

Suresh Babu, Managing Director, Suresh Productions, a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Michigan, began his film career in the early 80’s with the Telugu film ‘Devatha’. He was instrumental in shifting the Telugu film industry to Hyderabad. Having produced several successful feature films, he continues to add to his growing repertoire.

He established Suresh Productions, one of India’s largest integrated production powerhouses as producers, distributors, exhibitors, digital post facilities, animation and gaming studios. With around 400 theatres in the country, SP has upgraded cine-viewing experience by adapting to the latest that technology and Digital Cinema can offer in their theatres. As a distributor alone, SP has exhibited over 1500 blockbuster films.

A pioneering force in the South Indian film industry, Suresh Babu’s greater gift is the ability to evolve with rapidly growing technology. He also has a keen interest in other industries and has expanded into ventures such as infrastructure & real estate development, materials and food processing.

Suresh Babu’s father, Dr. D Ramanaidu, an illustrious filmmaker and producer gave Indian cinema some of its finest artists, technicians and made some of India’s most memorable films. As Director on the board of Suresh Productions, superstar Venkatesh, brother of Suresh Babu, one of Telugu cinema’s finest actors is extremely active in the creative processes. Rana Daggubati, his son, is a National award winning filmmaker, Digital Post entrepreneur, and a successful actor in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films.